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Wow, what the hell is this new posting format. WHY SO UGLY, LJ?!

OMG I HAVE TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW THIS WEEK!!! CELEBRAAAATE! I did as little as possible today, putting off boring housework till tomorrow, as one should, and spent the day nibbling peppermint bark and watching Kitchen Nightmares.

I am super excited, though, about my current NaNo project. It just hit 78k words, and for the first time ever I feel like I've hit a turning point in a story. This point happens to be the halfway point, but I sat down and properly mapped out the rest of my plot. Now I just have to write it...

Anywho, drabble day! I think I overcompensated in variety this week to make up for last week. >.> Still kind of a lot of Eddie, though, and Yone too.

11-29-12: If By Pure Chance
Characters: James Landon, Tomoki Yonemura

If someone had told James that one day he’d be dating a rock star, he’d have split his sides laughing. Dating was something he avoided in general, there was no way he’d ever get close to someone famous—unless he wound up being their lawyer, maybe.

He didn’t know who Tomoki was when they’d met commiserating in a long line at the coffee shop. He didn’t make a habit of making small talk with strangers, but Tomoki just seemed to draw him in somehow.

They’d only made it through one dinner before winding up in bed; the rest was history.

11-30-12: The Tavmanian Devil
Characters: Tomoki Yonemura, Tavish Kerr

“Tavish Jameson Kerr II, sir.”

Tomoki eyed the taller and slightly stocky man, with his ruddy coloured mohawk and impish grin. He was nothing like Hide—which was already a bonus.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, then” he nodded.

The man slipped behind the drum set and pulled out his own sticks. Tomoki gave away nothing in his expression, but he was afraid of how he would handle the drummer auditions the most.

He needn’t have worried; the man named Tavish tapped out a soft count and then flew into a frenzy, displaying his wild range.

They’d found their drummer.

12-1-12: Care (Part 2)
Characters: Ford Wentham, Eddie Valentine

Ford knew he was being stupid, but he couldn’t help it—he cared for Eddie.

Caring for anyone in the porn industry was a stupid idea for everyone involved, especially for him; Ford really wasn’t into sharing. Eddie was so guarded, anyway, he probably didn’t even have a chance.

But after that first night helping him get home, Eddie stuck in his mind. Was he healing okay? Was he lonely? Was he eating enough?

He took Eddie out and home whenever he could. He was so caught in his worrying that he almost didn’t notice that Eddie always said yes.

12-2-12: Questionable Curiosity
Characters: Cillian Catherwood, Eddie Valentine

Even if Cillian had had someone to go to about this, he doubted he could. He knew crushing on your best friend was generally a bad idea, especially when you knew it wasn’t reciprocated.

But it was hard not to love Eddie, at least in some way. Lately he’d been having a hard time defining it. Sometimes it felt right, sometimes it felt wrong. He didn’t think it was supposed to feel wrong.

He did have an idea… he blushed just thinking about it. Eddie would never agree to a kiss test… would he? Maybe one day he would ask.

12-3-12: Match Made in the Music Room
Characters: Shayden Hashimoto, Tomoki Yonemura

They weren’t in the same class, but Shay first met Tomoki in the music room. He was there with a few friends, idly plucking at guitars but mostly bullshitting, when Tomoki walked in.

“Oh, sorry—didn’t think anyone else would be here,” he said, making to turn around. They waved him inside; he smiled, and went to the piano. Shay thought maybe he was in their year.

They paid each other little mind. Then Tomoki started to play.

Shay didn’t realize he was staring until Tomoki caught him and smiled again. Shay flushed, but couldn’t help thinking the word band.

12-4-12: Just Right
Characters: Carter Valentine, Trevelyn Jones

Carter couldn’t say he had a type; there weren’t many people he wouldn’t give a chance to, provided they were cute in some way and not too annoying. He did kind of have a soft spot for the squishy type, though. Maybe more so than he’d thought.

The day Trev confessed to him, sobbing, everything suddenly clicked into place and made sense. He felt like an idiot for taking so long to see it, the real reason he never looked for a real relationship—he already had one with the love of his life.

And Trev was just his type.

12-5-12: 1 New Request
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

Enough was enough. Eddie stomped over to Hana, who was clicking contentedly away on his computer. “What is this dumb game you keep inviting me to play?!”

Hana was used to Eddie’s sudden appearances and didn’t flinch, only pointed at his animated screen. “This. It’s fun! You can build your own kingdom and stuff.”

Eddie peered over Hana’s shoulder and blanched at the banner announcing the “kingdom’s” name. “Edwinshire?!”

Hana turned to beam at him. “Isn’t it cute? And look, you can grow Linden Wood.”

Eddie watched Hana plant tiny trees bearing Carter’s middle name. “…Okay, that is pretty funny…”

Date: 2012-12-06 07:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
1. Lmao! Wow, James giving it up after one date, go Tomoki!
2. Hee, Tav~. I love that he has a mohawk... it suits him somehow.
3. Awww... Ford. You are so squishy... And kind of specially oblivious too, somehow.
4. Aw, Shay blushing is such a cute thought. He usually seems too... worldly to blush.
5. Awwwwwww... poor Cillian... *pinches his cheeks* Don't feel that it's wrong!
6. o(>.<)o TC always makes me so happy, I dunno why. And I love how Trev just doesn't seem to work with anyone but Eddie or Carter.
7. XDD Hahahaha, now I am imagining all of our boys on Facebook...

Date: 2012-12-06 08:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
1. You know no one can resist Tomoki. Except Alex when he's being stupid.
2. :DD Not a huge one, but a respectable one. Man I bet he and Shay are like hurricanes when they get going together.
3. XD Well, he is kind of a worrywart. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll wake up before Eddie has to smack him.
4. XD Too 'wordly'? What does that even--oh I get it. >.> But hey, that doesn't mean he can't be embarrassed for getting caught staring like a weirdo, especially when you're envisioning record labels and bright lights while doing it.
5. Inooo and how cute would a kiss test be? :3?
6. Haha, I don't think we've ever fully played out Eddie with Trev... TC just belong together, dammit. Which is sad because Carter's alternate pairings are really adorable/hot. Damn you, Trev, be more of a bicycle.
7. Hahaha, srsly. Poor Eddie if he has one, you know Carter and/or Hana prolly made it for him.


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