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Post number two, and now I am caught up! Aaaand I still have to drabble today.

3-21-13: Out of the Ocean (Part 3)
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Hinata Hanazaki, Carter Valentine

The day Chris saw Hana’s face on the other side of the glass, he was sure he was about to die.

But it wasn’t his mind conjuring up his best friend for him one last time; Hana was really there. On legs.

His musical cry of joy was the first sound he’d made in weeks, and he hugged Hana tightly when the bespectacled scientist let him into his tank. He never wanted to let go, but Hana began to struggle in his embrace and kick for the surface.

That was when Chris realized it: somehow, Hana had become completely human.

3-22-13: Out of the Ocean (Part 4)
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Hinata Hanazaki, Alex MacKinzey

You can’t give up your fins for yourself. Only for someone else.

Hana’s words were still ringing in Chris’ ears well after Carter had had to sneak him back out. He had to think.

It wasn’t long before he thought of that man’s face. Alex, the older man with the kind, beautiful eyes. Would his magic let him become a human for a man he’d only seen three times? How would he even find him if he was out of the tank?

Feeling brave, he decided he would wait. If Alex wouldn’t have him, at least he could say goodbye.

3-23-13: Out of the Ocean (Part 5)
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Alex MacKinzey, Hinata Hanazaki

The sand felt different on the surface—warm, dry, rough. Stray pebbles found their way up against his unsteady feet, though nothing hurt as much as getting those feet had.

The arm around him and warm hand guiding him held him safely upright, as they had since Chris had first gotten out of the water. He had wanted to come here, to see the ocean the only way he could now—from the beach.

There was sadness in him, but it wasn’t as hard as he’d thought it’d be. Not when Alex was by his side, and Hana behind him.

3-24-13: Caution: Contents Hot
Characters: James Landon, Christopher Larkin

It took James weeks to realize why he kept looking and waiting for that certain barista to get him his coffee every morning on his way to the office. It hadn’t occurred to him that he might ever fancy someone so much younger than himself.

Chris was strangely captivating, though. James decided he would indulge in a fantasy here and there about Chris’ pretty hands or his plump lips, but would never act on it.

That worked until the day an angry customer threw hot coffee at Chris. James never knew such anger, but the potential lawsuit broke the ice.

3-25-13: Dear Diary
Characters: Thierry Orøkia, Torran MacKenna

3 January 2011

Today I met a boy.

Thierry blushed and thought about crossing it out, but this was his diary, dammit. If he couldn’t express himself here, he couldn’t do it anywhere.

His name is Torran MacKenna, according to the class sign in sheet. He doesn’t talk much. He seems more the observant type. He asked me a question and didn’t even blink at my stutter, and actually told some guys off for making fun of it.

He paused, warmth spreading through him at the memory. He’d keep this entry short.

I hope he sits there tomorrow, too.

3-26-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 1)
Characters: Hinata Hanazaki, Eddie Valentine

It was hard to believe it had already been twenty years since the bite.

Hana had acclimated as best he could in the time since his accidental sire had fed too long on him. But as his parents aged and he stayed the same, he felt the edges of a deep sorrow that he knew could one day swallow him whole. Many dreams had been broken that night.

He was far from the bakery one night when the scent of a petite man wafted up to him. Hana froze, and then quickly gave chase; nothing had ever smelled so good.

3-27-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 2)
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

Eddie sighed as he bundled his sweater closer to his small body. Work had been tiring as usual, and the short walk home seemed much longer now.

In the span of a breath he was suddenly dragged from the sidewalk into a dark alley, pushed up against the wall. A careful, clawed finger against his lips silenced his sounds of distress.

Staring up into the face of his attacker, he was surprised by the rounded, boyish features, and the gentle grip he had on him.

“I’m sorry,” the stranger said. Then he leaned in to nuzzle Eddie’s neck, and bit.

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