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WHOA volume thirty!!!

Welp... wound up having to do another double post week. Though at least not all on the same day this time, I guess. It was hard getting back into the swing of work, plus I got some really shitty news last week that left me less than enthusiastic to visit drabblelandland.

Anywho. I kinda stole Saru's idea about doing long series of drabbles, the goal being a week's worth of one plotline. I kinda did it with Chris last time, and this time... I forgot I'd done two parts already, sooo this is a nine-parter. >.>

3-28-13: Letting It Down
Characters: James Landon, Tavish Kerr

James knew he had a thing for Tav’s hair. Tav teased him enough about it.

But he thought he knew where it came from now.

The rare times he awoke first, or was lucky enough to fall asleep last, always treated him to a vision of beauty. The bed was the only place Tav let his uneven, wildly coloured hair down completely. It fanned out around him, draped the pillow or his arm, fell delicately into his pointed face. It held his scent, and demanded attention.

James lost himself in it freely, and through it, found his way to Tav.

3-29-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 3)
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

Eddie’s head swam with the thrum of his heartbeat. The strangely sweet pressure was gone from his neck, replaced by the sensual pull of damp tongue over his flushed skin. Soft lips left a parting kiss there, but the stranger didn’t move away.

“Like that, little kitty?” he murmured, confusing him.

Then Eddie realized his legs were locked around the man’s waist, his fists clutching his coat. Worse, heat had gathered to settle between his legs; he knew the man could feel it.

Embarrassment flooded him, but he couldn’t push away. The man smirked with pointed teeth, and kissed him.

3-30-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 4)
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki, Carter Valentine

It was horrible, he knew. For once, he was grateful for his own sake he no longer lived with Carter; he wouldn’t have been able to handle his brother’s inevitable questions, especially since he had no answers.

He didn’t know why he couldn’t keep away from that alley, why he let the vampire do such things to him, why he was disappointed on nights when he wasn’t there. Those nights were fewer and farther in between now, he’d noticed.

Because Hana did much more than simply feed on him now, he thought, cheeks flushing. How could he tell Carter that?

3-31-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 5)
Characters: Hinata Hanazaki, Eddie Valentine

Hana’s head swam with thoughts and images of Eddie almost every moment they weren’t together. He knew that only meant pain for them both; still, every night they met in that spot. Hana would take tastes and touches, and Eddie continued to give them freely.

He wanted more. He wanted to hear Eddie’s soft, tiny cries and moans of pleasure erupt with passion, wanted to feel him naked and alive beneath him, around him. He couldn’t do that in that damnable alley.

Tonight, he thought, muscles burning with supernatural energy. Tonight, if Eddie would have him, he’d make Eddie his.

4-1-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 6)
Characters: Hinata Hanazaki, Eddie Valentine

The night Hana took Eddie completely was the first night they had more than murmured pleas for conversation.

Eddie’d never been with anyone before; he couldn’t be sure something about the vampire hadn’t put him under a spell to make it happen, but he felt content. The rumbling in Hana’s chest made Eddie finally ask questions.

Eddie had a hard time with a family that didn’t want him, but hearing Hana’s story, his heart broke for him getting taken away from parents that loved him. It wasn’t just lust this time that prompted Eddie to give himself to Hana again.

4-2-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 7)
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

They made an unlikely pair, to say the least. Neither could explain what had connected them in the first place, but for the first time in his life, Eddie felt valued as he was, rather than in spite of it.

Hana’s parents were lovely. Carter had been understandably averse to the idea of his baby brother dating someone who drank blood for a living, but a night getting to know Hana (and threatening him with a stake through the heart if he hurt Eddie) was all it took for him to come around.

Hana thought it was kind of sweet.

4-3-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 8)
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

It was a brilliant solution, really, even if it was never how Eddie’d envisioned making his living.

He loved Hana’s parents, and had seen how heavily it weighed on them that their son could no longer inherit the bakery they’d spent their lives building. No one had been more surprised than Hana by Eddie’s suggestion, but they gave it a shot one chilly morning in February.

Hana put his skills to work through the night, expertly crafting pastries and sweets. When he was safely home away from the dawn, Eddie headed down to try his hand at manning the floor.

Another post tomorrow! If I'm not in too much pain!

Date: 2013-04-10 08:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
1. Okay, unffff at the mental Tav-image, but awwwww, how sweet you are James... Tav's like your Rapunzel.
2-7. o(>.<)o No really, this is all so hot and cute and awww and hdjfdjgfj!! I love Hana being all... dominant, but I love that he's still loving and sweet. The idea of Eddie running the bakery is too cute as well, and I bet Trev and Carter totally drop by for support/sweets too. XD


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