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Post two! And I just finished session one of three for my new tattoo! Last time it was on both legs so I was dying a little, but it's just on one this time so here I am to post~.

Aaaand now I am all caught up! And I might be starting another several-parter, whoops. >.>

4-4-13: Bittersweet Tooth (Part 9)
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

Eddie was barely twenty when they’d met. They had time to think about it later.

Years passed; whenever later came too close, it got pushed back, again and again.

Then, the night before Eddie’s fiftieth birthday—New Year’s Eve—Eddie sat at home with Hana, silently enduring the day’s aches and pains. They didn’t go away anymore.

It was too late for him to take that other path now. It finally sank in that one day he would leave Hana behind.

Hana held him as he broke down. “I love you alive,” he whispered. “I’ll follow you when you go.”

4-5-13: Making It Out
Characters: Shayden Hashimoto, Nozomu Ito

It hurt Shay to know that Nocchi thought of himself as ugly. But he had his own insecurities, and it didn’t seem fair to make Nocchi face his without facing his own.

He was terrified of this going wrong. It was no longer just his wounded heart on the line—this put the whole band at risk. They had fans, too.

But Nocchi was nothing like the men who’d hurt him before; Shay had to trust him.

Their first time was months in the making, and it was long, rough, and sweet. And the next morning, Nocchi was still there.

4-6-13: Mental Health
Characters: Alex MacKinzey, Brandon Kimura

Admitting you had a problem was the first step, right? Alex definitely had a problem.

Past lovers had told him he got too serious too fast, too attached too quickly. But this was bordering on obsession.

He didn’t even know the man’s name—only that he was half-blind, gorgeous, and in need of a very customised car. If Alex had to explain why he’d agreed to help the deadly-looking stranger, he could only say he’d been put under his strange spell.

He threw himself into the job, working almost nonstop; when he finished, he would see him again.

4-7-13: Set Free
Characters: Torran MacKenna, Jacob Knight

Jake had done him wonders, there was no denying it. By simply allowing (dragging) Torran into his bed, Jake had given him a sense of self, and the confidence to be as he was.

Part of him wished he could have done more with Jake, always more; but it wasn’t supposed to be like that between them. Jake had insisted on letting him experiment with him, and that no one would get hurt.

But something heavy settled in Torran’s gut after spending the night with a man he’d met dancing at Jake’s club. It tasted an awful lot like regret.

4-8-13: To Have and Have Not
Characters: Tomoki Yonemura

Some people called him a control freak; Yone called them right. As someone who took pride in doing what he loved, he had little choice to be anything else.

Those he was with would come to learn the control belonged to him. One way or another, they would understand any control they had was what Yone gave them when he wanted to. So far, none of them had stayed long after.

Alone again, Yone had to wonder if there was anyone out there who would understand him. He didn’t want the control; he wanted someone who could take it freely.

4-9-13: Chris The Vampire
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Alliance Jinks, James Landon

He was a terrible vampire; he was damn lucky to have found a friend in Allie.

Chris could hunt on his own now thanks to Allie’s teachings. In return, he was teaching Allie to read and write and do simple math. It was a comfortable existence they’d managed to carve out for themselves, despite being on the streets. He was getting used to it.

Lately though, and especially tonight, Chris couldn’t shake the feeling he was being followed.

- - - - -

James checked the reference photo again; that was definitely his runaway. Maybe now he’d finally see where the kid went every night.

4-10-13: James the P.I.
Characters: James Landon, Christopher Larkin

Against his better judgment, James tore his eyes from his quarry to hide back behind the wall, heart racing and breath sticking in his throat.

A vampire. He’s a fucking vampire, was the only thought pounding in his head. He doubted this would go over well with the kid’s parents.

“W-who’s there?” a shaky voice called from the alley shadows. James had to think fast, and suddenly wished he carried a flask. He had the kid cornered; this could end badly if he wasn’t careful.

“A friend of your parents,” he said as he emerged, arms up in surrender.

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comma_chameleon: (Hot Shige is Hot)
From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
1. T^T I knew it was coming but it's still waaaaaaah... *squishes theeeeem*
2. Awwwww, of course Nocchi's still there, Shay. He loves yoooou!
3. Poor Alex. Confused and attracted. And fighting an uphill battle against Aki-the-oblivious. XD
4. Awww... poor Torran. Well, you know what you have to do then! Go pounce Jake and claim your territory!
5. So much awwww this week... don't worry, Yone, Alex will take control. >.> And tie you up. And sex you up.
6. D: I never stopped to think that Chris would run away from home if he got turned. Waahh... poor Reika and Anthony.
7. Poor James. Is probably very confused and scared. Don't worry James, Chris won't hurt you!


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