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Laaaate posting again, why does shit always happen to me around drabble posting day? Blah.

GUESS WHAT, NEW CHARACTER OMG. I can't even call him a revamp, more like an entirely new person to replace an old one. He'll probably be in a few more drabbles next week, too.

4-11-13: Blood Ties
Characters: James Landon, Christopher Larkin

Simple logic (and a little convincing) got Chris to agree to see his parents. After all, it really wasn’t fair for James to know what he was while his parents didn’t.

The kid sat meekly in the passenger seat, clawed hands folded tightly in his lap. James had to wonder what kind of vampire could be afraid of his own shadow when he had superhuman speed and strength, but here he was.

It should have been ridiculous, but frankly, James found it kind of adorable.

Even after the tearful reunion, James had a feeling he’d be back for this one.

4-12-13: Settling In
Characters: Ford Wentham, Brandon Kimura

Ford loved HQ. Even Brandon was getting used to their new home amongst the Kashingumi, the only place they could put their skills to use without fearing they wouldn’t survive the night.

The gardens were his favourite place. Not because of any affinity for nature, but because it was the only place outside their room that Brandon would let him kiss him.

Ford didn’t mind that, though. How could he, when the flowers and the night air made his lover smell like jasmine, leather, and gun oil? One day, maybe, Brandon would let him have him under the night blooms.

4-13-13: Day One
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Carter Valentine

Ultimately, Eddie’s desire to be normal won out over his fear of people. It helped that he had a dedicated brother who thought of everything, who had found him a school with rigorous hours and mostly windowless hallways.

Eddie’s first day back in school had him terrified, and it took everything he had not to dive back into Carter’s car. He knew his brother only needed one sign of reluctance from him to decide to take him back home and hire out a private tutor to finish his schooling.

Gripping his book bag tightly, he strode forward without looking back.

4-14-13: Not That Simple
Characters: Jacob Knight, Makoto Nanami

Jake’s hands traveled over the hard planes of Makoto’s body, teasing, soothing, tasting. He’d felt every inch of it before, but he never got bored of it.

He could feel the knots of tension that came from running the strongest gang in Greater London, and remembered how this had all begun. Jake had been fine with being just a good friend and a stress reliever, but lately he’d felt a shift in his heart that scared him.

Makoto caught his hand then, and kissed it softly. Jake felt his heart stutter, and quickly pushed the feeling down where it belonged.

4-15-13: Modified
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Alex MacKinzey

Chris could admit he could be easily influenced. Maybe his thoughts had been circling around and around to Alex’s tattoo lately, but this was something he wanted for himself.

He’d considered getting a tattoo for about a minute, but they just weren’t for him. His cheeks had flushed red as soon as he’d thought of an alternative.

Maybe there was some lore attached to a man with an ear piercing, but to Chris, it was just a way to mark himself as changed. For the first time, he felt comfortable in his own skin.

He just hoped Alex wouldn’t mind…

4-16-13: Mama's Boy
Characters: Aaron Evans

AJ owed a lot to his mother. Owed her everything, really.

Now, of course, he could understand how hard it must have been for her, suddenly pregnant by some asshole she never wanted to see again. But she had made it work, and had done it on her own; and he’d never felt the struggle as a child.

She taught him to never settle, to keep dreaming, and to take all he could from life. What dumb little Hallmark card could fully capture that?

Grumbling a bit in distaste for the array of frilly, flowery poems, he left the store.

4-17-13: On My Way
Characters: Aaron Evans

Once AJ set his sights on something, he never stopped until he got it. If determination was hereditary, he’d definitely gotten that from his mum. And he knew she’d support him in anything.

He’d taken his first high school theatre class on a whim, and gotten the lead in the play by pure accident. But being on stage had been more fun and a bigger thrill than anything he’d ever done; a goal formed in the back of his mind.

He didn’t care if it was a toothpaste commercial or the leading man in a movie—he’d find his break.

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