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Posting roughly on time, yay~. That was singing in my head.

I'm sekritly in a good mood despite everything right now. But I also need to be asleep right now. So! Here it is!

4-18-13: Something Different
Characters: Aaron Evans, Cillian Catherwood

A textbook extrovert, AJ wasn’t happy unless he was surrounded by friends and family.

Of course, his friends and family had lives; some days he inevitably wound up alone. It was during that forced quiet that he felt like someone else, someone he didn’t like—someone who wallowed.

So, he did everything he could to avoid those times. He wasn’t above going to a movie or club alone. In fact, it had opened him to utterly new experiences that he’d never forget.

Like letting that sexy DJ fuck him in full drag. Maybe he’d see what Cillian was doing tonight…

4-19-13: Tiny Universe
Characters: Carter Valentine, Eddie Valentine

Eddie was gone.

Not really, Carter knew. But after more than a year of keeping him hidden in his shared apartment, spending every waking moment prior to that trying to find him, and then working nonstop to find a treatment for his curse, Eddie’s absence was felt deeply.

Carter’d forgotten what it was like having free time. He’d only worked nonstop because of his research outside of his job, and that had come as far as it could for the moment. He didn’t know what to do with himself.

They’d always been close, but when had Eddie become his world?

4-20-13: High Profile (Part 1)
Characters: Tomoki Yonemura, Aaron Evans

Green eyes lured him all too easily off the dance floor—though the strong muscles under his hands certainly helped. The man looked familiar somehow, but maybe everyone did in the dim club light.

Four songs against the tiled walls of the bathroom later, a few whispered words were all it took to agree to further fun between someone’s sheets.

- - - - -

Yone’s manager was calling, tearing him from exhausted slumber.

“What?” he grumbled.

The shriek was incredible, but he looked at the email as bidden—and saw the tabloid photo from last night. Now he recognized the man he’d taken home…

4-21-13: High Profile (Part 2)
Characters: Tomoki Yonemura, Aaron Evans

The phone calls from both management teams had definitely ruined their morning. Yone looked dolefully at AJ.

“I thought you looked familiar… I just saw that movie.”

AJ smiled a bit sheepishly. “I’ve heard of your band… just never seen any of you before.”

Yone returned the awkward smile as silence fell again. He hated to admit it, but he wanted nothing more than to get back to snuggling.

“Do you regret it now?” AJ asked suddenly.

Yone met his gaze before resting his head against AJ’s chest. “No.” Strong arms wound around him, and he smiled softly.

“Me neither.”

4-22-13: Official, In Print
Characters: Tavish Kerr, James Landon

Tav couldn’t say it, but it meant the world to him that James would agree to not only do an interview with him, but a photoshoot as well. He said nothing, because part of him worried James would want to stop halfway through, and he didn’t want to pressure him.

They held hands at the start, as much to reassure himself as James, but to his surprise James seemed to be enjoying himself. By the time they got to the photos, it was too easy to smile for the camera.

That day, he realized this might just be his forever.

4-23-13: Leaving
Characters: Helen Evans

She was pissed.

“Got her pregnant, did you?” she said, tossing her shoes into a box. “Our own fucking realtor? Well I’m glad our home was able to bring you two arseholes together!”

Going around the bed too quickly, she stubbed her toe and hissed her way down onto the floor. The carpet was still new, plush and creme coloured—suddenly it blurred in front of her.

She broke down, sobbing quietly as she lost control. She hadn’t even gotten to tell him about her baby…

He’ll never know, she decided. If he didn’t want her, he couldn’t have them.

4-24-13: Boyfriend Retrieval Service
Characters: Shayden Hashimoto, Nozomu Ito


Nozomu grunted as he struggled to maintain his grip on his inebriated boyfriend. “Hn?”


Shay erupted into giggles against his chest. Nozomu rolled his eyes, and was glad when the elevator doors finally opened.

He’d become an expert at maneuvering a slippery, stumbling Shay down the hall to his apartment. The man liked to party, but was a lightweight and overdid it too easily.


“Hn?” He continued removing Shay’s bar-scented clothes.

“I love you.”

He stilled, and looked down into slightly glazed but sincere dark eyes. He smiled, reminded of why he did this every time.

Date: 2013-04-26 12:15 pm (UTC)
comma_chameleon: (Innocent Ariel)
From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
1. Bwehehe... AJ you kinky fucker~. And Cillian'll do whatever you want tonight. Though you might have to feed him first. >.>
2. Aww... Carter. Don't worry, you'll find someone to expand your world to include~. And Eddie's happy!!
3-4. XD Hahaha, poor guys. Woken up by severely cranky management. But awww... also, is this the first time you've paired two of your own boys? :o?
5. o(>.<)o Cuuuute. Plus I bet they end up with some seriously sexy photos and James is all, "Oh my god, my co-workers are never going to let me live this down..."
6. DDD: Asshole! Well, sucks to be you because she raised an awesome guy WITHOUT YOUR HELP! So NYAH!
7. Awwwwwww... ShayShay... you're so cute. And lmao at the title. XD Sounds like a bailbonds agent for drunk boyfriends. XD

*is sekritly happy with you* :3


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