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Dem, if I'd have done this before midnight it would be 100% on time.

My tattoo is officially done!! It fucking hurt today, worse than ever before, but it's DONE! Have a drabble volume!!

5-2-13: Indulging
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Justin Nanami

You are so stupid.

Chris flushed at his mental beration, but he continued stirring the cookie dough anyway.

It was stupid—he was definitely making them with J.J. in mind. Alright, he was making them for J.J. And that was stupid. J.J. didn’t even like sweets.

Hana’d given him some delicious recipes, and he’d started baking with his parents in mind. But however he tried, he couldn’t stop imagining himself presenting the homemade treats to his boyfriend, watching him eat just one…

Sighing, he took a bite of dough. Maybe he could say they were for the boys back home.

5-3-13: Little Lion Man (Part 1)
Characters: Shayden Hashimoto, Tomoki Yonemura, Alex MacKinzey

It was probably presumptuous to feel protective of someone who was not only older than him, but also the leader of their band. But Shay had seen all the heartbreak Tomoki had been through in the past, and he couldn’t help himself.

He knew what a sucker Tomoki was for big, strong guys, especially pretty ones, and he eyed the car mechanic with suspicion when he wasn’t looking—and sometimes when he was.

By the end of the night, he thought Alex was an okay guy—and Alex knew that if he messed up, he’d have to answer to them.

5-4-13: Little Lion Man (Part 2)
Characters: Alex MacKinzey, Tomoki Yonemura, Shayden Hashimoto

He’d messed up bad.

He’d known it the second he’d put his foot in his mouth, and then it was too late—he’d hurt the man he loved more than anything else in the world.

It was crazy to have followed him all the way to Tokyo, but his gut—not his stupid head, which had created this whole mess—told him if he didn’t, Tomoki might never come back.

Hours of hounding the band manager got him hotel information, but Tomoki wasn’t there.

Shay was waiting for him with a warning. “This is your only chance. Get it right.”

5-5-13: Overseas
Characters: Aaron Evans, Cillian Catherwood

It was his scene-stealing performance in a sleeper hit that got him internationally noticed. It didn’t hurt that he was a bona fide hunk with eyes so intensely green he made interviewers fumble when he smiled.

AJ hadn’t had the precise goal of becoming a Hollywood star. He’d simply wanted to take this acting thing as far as he could while still having a good time.

Now he was on location in New York City, the lead in the first installment of a popular franchise. The work was thrilling, but off set, he had one distraction.

He missed Cillian.

5-6-13: The Soul is Free
Characters: Eddie Valentine

When Eddie felt particularly bad about himself, he thought of what it might be like to be a real vampire—a vampire of legend.

They drank blood without remorse, killed for fun. They turned to ash in the sunlight. They lived forever.

That was the worst part to him, and the one thing he could cling to in his darkest moments. He was not immortal; however bad things got, he’d never have to suffer for all eternity. He wouldn’t have to endure while the world around him died.

His sister had taken much from him, but not his greatest freedom.

5-7-13: Change of Fate
Characters: Brandon Kimura, Alliance Jinks, James Landon

He’d stopped fighting for Allie’s sake. Now he didn’t know how to start again.

He hadn’t fought when the brothel—his hell—had gone up in flames around him. He’d welcomed the chance to finally die.

But someone carried him out.

Now he was somewhere else—not property as before, but a freed man. That was somehow worse; now he had no purpose.

Every day he thought about death, and how long it might take for Allie to be okay with letting him die. Then one day, a knock came at his door. Someone was looking for him.

His brother.

5-8-13: Heart of a Tea Boy
Characters: Trevelyn Jones, Carter Valentine

Trev didn’t know what drove Carter through his extreme workload. It was all Trev could do as his assistant to make sure the man remembered to eat in between bouts of genius.

He had to admit he was curious. He doubted he’d fully understand the complexities of Carter’s scientific research, but he wanted to know what the other man was chasing after so hard he barely ate or slept. It was hard to imagine when nothing seemed to catch Carter’s interest—himself included.

Sighing, Trev wondered why he’d set his sights on the most emotionally unavailable man in the country.

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