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Whoops, I accidentally only drabbled about one couple this week. My bad.

Though in my defense, the first one I'd written a day in advance since I knew I wouldn't have time on the actual day, so I'd basically forgotten about it by the time I went to write more, and by then I'd already had a plot bunny. Said plot bunny was only supposed to be three or four parts, too... fail. There was another direction I'd intended to take it in that apparently forgot to happen. Maybe I'll revisit it someday.

5-9-13: Bending Rules and Other Things
Characters: Tavish Kerr, James Landon

Tav wasn’t particularly careful about keeping a low profile when he was out on dates, but even he’d never let one fuck him in the back of their car before. Not after the band got signed, at least.

He couldn’t pinpoint just what about James had made this okay. Something in those eyes the colour of smoke, or the peek of a tattoo that was hidden by a fitted shirt. Or the way James hadn’t been able to keep the desire out of his goodnight kiss in the parking lot.

Whatever it was, they both knew this wouldn’t end here.

5-10-13: Madness (Part 1)
Characters: Tavish Kerr, James Landon

Other vampires thought Tav had lost his mind after being turned. They were partially right; only his sire knew he’d been a little crazy even before then.

It had been a mistake. James had been too taken by the tall, lanky man with his dark, glittering eyes and knowing smile. A taste was all it’d taken for James to lose himself, to go too far.

Turning him was the only thing he could think of in the moment, and he’d fled in shame and horror soon after. By the time he’d come to his senses and returned, Tav was gone.

5-11-13: Madness (Part 2)
Characters: James Landon, Tavish Kerr

Cold fear at the unintended nightmare he’d created pushing him ever onward, James began to hunt his beloved monster.

It shouldn’t have been hard—wild newborns needed guidance, and typically left a trail of blood behind them. Tav was leaving plenty of those, but he moved with whirlwind speed. Every night James felt he was getting closer, and every dawn he went back to hiding from the sun, alone.

One night, something changed. He found the scent of blood again quickly, but it wasn’t just that of a human. Mixed with it was the dark scent of a wounded vampire.

5-12-13: Madness (Part 3)
Characters: James Landon, Tavish Kerr

A few splotches of black blood were all that confirmed what James’ nose told him, but the scent was strong. He followed it.

It took a lot to make a vampire bleed like this. James’ imagination ran wild and hurried his movements. He was moving so fast he nearly went past the end of the trail.

More than just the overpowering scent of blood and burnt flesh, he felt Tav’s presence drawing him to the building’s basement. Treading carefully, he soon became aware of a low and constant growl in the deepest, darkest corner.

Suddenly, it stopped; he’d been scented.

5-13-13: Madness (Part 4)
Characters: Tavish Kerr

Everything was blurred, yet also sharper than ever. Every line of every shadow, the scent coming out of every pore, the flashes of every confused memory.

Night was day now, and day sent him into a sleep like the dead that plagued him with dreams of another life. Wasn’t it his life? The faces felt familiar, but faded more each time.

Even awake he wasn’t in control of his body. Some irresistible instinct made him run, and hunt, and feed. He couldn’t tell if it was running to something or away from it, but either way he couldn’t stop it.

5-14-13: Madness (Part 5)
Characters: Tavish Kerr, James Landon

He’d gone after another woman tonight, but something went wrong.

He’d pierced her neck, tasted the ecstasy—and then his mouth began to melt.

Even now the searing pain assailed his senses, driving him into hiding. Something about this place made him feel safe, even if he might lose what was left of his mind to the pain.

Suddenly, he sensed a presence. Hackles rising, he growled a warning. He intended to strike, but then he went very still.

The beast he was becoming felt something, and was suddenly flooded with relief. It was him—the one who’d made him.

5-15-13: Madness (Part 6)
Characters: James Landon, Tavish Kerr

Much was said about the bonds between sire and sired, but even after millenniums of existence, no two vampires experienced it the same. However theirs would work, it had drawn James to Tav, and even half-feral, Tav had recognised him.

A faint whimper emitted from the wounded newborn, and James took his cue to approach.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, though Tav’s expression didn’t change. His mouth was a mess of raw, bloodied flesh and exposed teeth—silver burn. His victim must have been wearing a necklace.

He could fix that. And he would never leave Tav alone ever again.

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From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
1. Mmm... Car sex... Though I am laughing just a bit because I'm wondering how they even fit. XD
2-6. T^T Waaaaaaah, Ajooooo! Taaaaav... James, you eejit! Fix him now! D: Poor Tav, alone and hungry and confused, and then HURT! *cuddles him* I can't even mind that this was all one pairing. XD


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