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Ahh I almost forgot to do this today! And it turns out the reason I hadn't heard from the editors in so long was because my email ate their messages. -___- Yay another surprise deadline!

There's some preeeetty random stuff in here. Some far-reaching references, too. >.>

9-13-13: Just Like In Movies
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Aaron Evans

It wasn’t just a crush. It wouldn’t hurt this much if it was just a silly little crush.

AJ never had eyes for him. They were such beautiful eyes, a deep and doleful green. Maybe it was only natural for them to break hearts, like Chris’ was broken.

The worst thing was that AJ was perfectly kind, perfectly clueless. He had no idea he held any part of Chris’ heart at all.

And he never will, Chris thought. That was the night he made up his mind.

He would leave; when he came back, he’d be someone AJ would notice.

9-14-13: Pop
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

Eddie should have felt weird staying on as Hana’s roadie after they became an item, but he couldn’t imagine a better way to stay close during tours without being a nuisance. And technically Hana wasn’t the one paying him—the management company was.

The only unfortunate thing was that Hana had to preserve his voice, which meant little if any sex at all. After months of preparation, rehearsals, and hot performances, Eddie thought he might lose his mind before the tour finale.

He held out, though. He knew Hana would put all those hip thrusts on stage to good use.

9-15-13: Sense and Sensibility
Characters: James Landon, Eddie Valentine

They meet every night, always at the same time.

James likes to arrive first, just around two in the morning. He sits on the park bench and listens to the sounds of the night until he hears the soft rustle of his nightwalking friend.

Eddie jumps gracefully from the line of trees, and slowly walks to the blind man’s usual spot.

They talk about anything and everything, sometimes even about themselves. It’s not every day that either of them finds someone who can still see them as human.

Eddie thinks he’ll say what he is someday; just not this one.

9-16-13: Gentle
Characters: Alliance Jinks, Makoto Nanami

Makoto could have been the scariest thing Allie’d ever seen if they had met in any other circumstances. He was a giant to his stunted ten year old body, and his eyes glittered dangerously.

But the giant’s hands were gentle, and they were the ones that took him away from the demons at home—the mother who didn’t want him, the stepfather who abused him.

And he had kids of his own, some close to his age. They had a very big family, mostly consisting of uncles, and they all welcomed him with open arms.

Makoto’s were still his favourite.

9-17-13: Hooked (Part 1)
Characters: Ford Wentham, Brandon Kimura, Makoto Nanami

Ford never forgets the man in black, his frightful skill as an assassin, or his image of a beautiful angel of death. It doesn’t matter if he met him as a target; he was able to buy his way out of it thanks to Makoto.

Weeks go by without so much as a glimpse of the half-blind man, but he’s all Ford can think about. The ice in his veins; the fire in his eyes; the precision of his every move. Ford needs to know more.

Finally, they have a runner to hunt. Ford knows just who to call.

9-18-13: Hooked (Part 2)
Characters: Brandon Kimura, Ford Wentham, Makoto Nanami

Something always bothered him about the way the Wentham job went down. It wasn’t like him to back down from any job, regardless of the money offered. Money meant nothing to him.

So why had his target’s boss been able to talk him into sparing him? He ran the man’s words through his mind several times, but could never figure out just how he’d been manipulated. It was annoying.

One day his phone rang—it wasn’t Nanami, but his SIC, the man he’d been meant to kill. He had a job offer.

He agreed; maybe it would give him answers.

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From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
1. Awwwww Sabrina!Christopherrrr. Go forth, Chris! Grow~.
2. XD It's cute imagining Eddie getting all hot and bothered by Hana's performing.
3. Hee, I still love blind!James and Eddie having nightly talks/walks. So cuuuute.
4. :< Poor Allieeeee. But dun worry, the Nanami family will love you foreverrrr.
5-6. <3 Akiiii. You're so cute when you're all confused.


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