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So much for being back in the swing of things. Sorry for the dedness, my life's been depressing lately. Had a minor emergency that came with an astronomical ER bill that maybe I will have the balls to try and contest, plus I'm trying to get out of my crummy job. :/ Wish me luck!

Also, apologies, this is a shorter volume than usual, and much more boring as well. I do have more I've been working on, which I'll try and post either tomorrow or Friday.

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I'm back, DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN. That only took two months. But I did get my story finished!

Trying to get back into the swing of things now. I did a couple random drabbles in July, so there's some extra ones in this volume. Hopefully that makes up for the utter lack of updates.

Random pairings, a crazy AU, and NEW CHARACTER ALERT! )
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Welp, no post last week. I had a bad plague and fell behind about four days, then decided to just take a break. So this volume's got some extra drabbles!

I've decided to prioritize my short story, though. I might be drabbling intermittently rather than regularly, so the next post will likely be delayed as well. I just realized how much story I have left to write and kind of panicked at the deadline since I don't know how long editing will take, and I have limited writing time.

Enjoy for now~ )
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Break for V-day stress to subside. UGH MY EYETWITCH IS BACK.


Warning for allusions to abuse. )
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Might be moving these to Wednesdays, if this is going to be my new work schedule. I only did it on Thursdays because that was my second day off for the week, but now I have to get up at asscrack o'clock to work in the morning. :| We'll see.

More multiparters and ample Yu this time, also something Saru might hate me for and mentions of sex oh em gee )
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I almost forgot about drabble day! Actually I did forget until Saru posted. XD Working on Thursdays is really throwing me off.

...I just realized some of these can be read like they're part of one big storyline. A big MESSY storyline if they really were. Well, they're just drabbles, they can be taken any way you like, really.

Lots of Alex for some reason )
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Sooo many drabblesss... I was much better at writing every day this week. Actually, I don't think I had to double up a single day! WOO!

We're entering the sad months... hopefully that doesn't mean all my drabbles turn sad. >.> Actually I've noticed I tend to write happier things when I'm sad. So contrary.

A verse update and something completely random that Saru will totally hate me for... also omg Allie! )
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Ahhhhhh, drabble day again! What a stressful week this has been. But I bought some new pens and a notebook and am eying some purses right now, so maybe it's about to get better.

New character this week... he hasn't even been created yet! >.> But I'm making it happen.

Some verse updates and another two-parter within. )
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Happy Drabble Day~

I tried really hard to make up for last week's sadfest, but I just had to include a follow-up to the RyoChris stuff. And that will prolly have it's own follow-up next week too. >.>

We have a first appearance this week! Dun dun dunnn.

Still no pirates within... gotta work on that. )
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Wooo I've been doing this for a month! Ish. Dates are weird like that.

This week is kind of a sad batch, ngl. I have no excuses this time, so, sorry. I also wrote too much Chris and Eddie this week, and I have no idea why. There are completely different Eddie-verses in here, so be warned!

Drabbles ahoy! Though none about pirates... this time. )
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Hello again! Time for more drabbles~. I'm excited because I got everything set up into one big scrivener project, and it looks so nice and organized...


Drabbles everywhere )
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Sooo... still intending to utilize this space for all my original fiction. In keeping things organized yet secure, I'm still working on some things for this journal and for myself. I'd like to eventually have complete working character profiles for all my OCs, and some potentially less complete ones for Saru's OCs. That's a fairly huge undertaking and I'm still working on just the format for that.

BUT writing character profiles is not actually writing, and since "writing is a muscle," I needed something that lets me work it every single day. I've started writing one drabble every day, since "working on my stories" is an ambiguous goal that doesn't hold me accountable for anything, and really makes me feel guilty when I don't manage to make any headway.

These are real drabbles, 100 words each, no more, no less. Well, I go by what Scrivener tells me is 100 words, so sometimes extra ones might sneak in on the tail end of a hyphen just found out Scrivener counts even hyphenated words as multiple, yay! Or not yay, considering some of these guys stutter... oh well. Each entry shall feature the date it was written, a title, and the character(s) therein. Enjoy, or don't.

First batch! )


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