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It's dark at six o'clock and people won't shut up about pumpkin spice lattes.

Happy fall!

So it occurred to me that I forgot to compile the answers to the scavenger hunt and the secret blog posts they were found in. Then it occurred to me that I forgot to write about YaoiCon! To be fair I was on vacation until the 20th, so I am just getting back into the swing of things. Let's catch up.

Warning, silly blog posts up ahead!

Scavenger Hunt Revealed )

As far as YaoiCon went, let me preface by saying I haven't been to a convention of any sort since Fanime 2008. Oh, that was a fantastic year. While I was only able to go to YC for one day, it brought back tons of amazing memories. The fun of cosplay, the living memes, the aching of empty wallets after a few turns through the dealer room. And I am proud to say I was part of it like never before!

I handed out Nutella fudge sea salt cookies in cute bags hand stamped by yours truly. I wish I had thought to take pictures of them. Altogether we gave out 100 cookies and 40 chocolates, with ten free print copies each of Half Past Forever and Foxes Over Flowers, and three grand prizes of Puncture Wounds! We also made some new friends over at the Sublime table and with a couple of Velmas. My cookie-craving, yaoi-loving people, I will be back next year! ♥

That brings me to my final topic for tonight...

PUNCTURE WOUNDS has its official release date!

You can preorder now, and it's available October 15th. So exciting. :3

Alright, that's it from me for now. Look forward to some new things over the next year.
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I might need to make more specific tags soon.

First, I will let this speak for itself:

Not sure when my post is scheduled for yet, but it'll be at a good time no matter what. :3 Be sure to check it out, there are tons of things to win.

Second, I've mentioned it before but I'll be at YaoiCon for the first time ever this year! The con goes from September 12-14, and I'll be at the DSP booth (booth? table? beach blanket?) on Saturday the 13th handing out freebies.

Nine more days till the BIG THING!
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I forgot I only posted this to my twitter. My bad.

ZAM hosts Sunday Brunch every week, and this week I got to answer the burning question: What is the best invention ever, and why? Have a look and share your own thoughts on the matter.

In other news, it's Christmas in July at Dreamspinner Press. All holiday ebooks are on sale all month, and every day three new books are on sale for 99 cents each. Check back on the 21st if you want to snag mine. ;)

This month is still killing me. And my eyes. Sitting in front of two monitors for ten hours at a stretch is not good.
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Radio silence, always.

Real life continues to try to bog me down, and I'm fighting it tooth and nail. I can't believe we're already halfway done with April, and I've got events in my planner all the way through September. Remember when the world was supposed to end in 2012, and how it's already two years later?

Anyway, the announcements!

First, and I can't believe I didn't manage to post about it sooner, but I've signed on to release my very first standalone novella through DSP! It was meant to be part of another anthology, but I try to think outside the box for those submissions and I think this one was a little too far out there, haha. That should be out sometime this fall.

Second, in honour of the release of "Sparks" at the end of the month, I'll be doing my very first blog tour! I'm thanking all my lovely blog hosts in advance for putting up with my n00bery. I'll post the schedule soon.

And third, I've caved and made myself a Twitter. Come play #HashtagWars with me and @midnight, learn to love the San Francisco Giants, and get updated on my daily average life.

Carry on!


Feb. 11th, 2014 08:21 pm
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Oops, I never managed to update in January. Well, I was a bit preoccupied. First with the holidays, then with attempting to write three short stories in the span of... about six weeks? Maybe seven.

It was hectic up until February 1st, my last deadline, and I've been trying to give my head a break for the past ten days. It hasn't worked, and I think I need to give in and keep writing to battle this restlessness. I notice it was a lot easier to ignore vapid work drama when I've got writing goals to meet.

Some good news--great news, actually--my second submission to Dreamspinner was picked up! It's for the upcoming Juicy Bits anthology and we're just starting the editing process now. It's a lot less daunting the second time around, though the fact this story's only about 1/3 the length of the last one helps too.

Anyway, it's silly but what I'm most excited about is that apparently this anthology WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PRINT!! Ah, it's still my dream to be able to hold my own story in my own hands. I really do need an e-reader.
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Discovering that the Advent Calendar was already up for sale sent me into a tailspin of crazy. I still don't know how I finally managed to settle down enough to give my story a final read-through, but my brain fought it for a long time.

This really shouldn't be freaking me out as much as it is--or was, I should say. It took some time to digest the fact my writing would be seen by someone other than myself or a handful of friends, even by friends and family who never knew I wrote at all, let alone what I like to write. I'm not crowing it from the rooftops, but I'm not hiding it anymore. It's kind of freeing. :]


Ugh why is it all messy when it's shrunken down? Oh well... the full size is beautiful. To me. >.> Because it's exactly how I described my dream cover to the cover design team over at DSP. If only it were a printed story!

I need an e-reader ASAP.

Baby steps

Oct. 16th, 2013 06:24 pm
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This is my writing journal, isn't it? Why the hell have I been posting updates on facebook?!

It's been super exciting for me getting to work with the editors over at Dreamspinner Press. It gets crazier with every step. Now I've got a bio on the author page (OMG THEY HAVE THE ANTHOLOGY UP FOR SALE THERE!!) and I've just gotten a proof of the whole thing to finalize! AHHHH!

I can't wait to see my story sold on its own as a novella. I am in love with my cover, they really made it everything I could have wanted. Ahh what I wouldn't do to see it in hard copy form so I could touch it! Someday that will happen for me, hopefully.

In other news, I finally got out of my soul-killing job and will be working much closer to home now. I'm hoping this gives me a better work-life balance, so maybe it won't be a horribly stupid idea to attempt to write two new short stories for DSP (that are due a month apart) at once. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll even finish setting this place up one day!
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Greetings from my new dreamy home!

Couple of things:
1) I am moving to DreamWidth! Obviously.
2) I have been writing, just not posting. I wanted to get the move underway first.
3) Now that it IS underway, I'll be posting my catch-up drabbles!

I did wind up taking about two or three weeks off from writing, and I'm still working to get back into it. It's always hard for me to pick up where I left off, but drabbling is helping.

As for why I'm moving away from LJ, you can probably guess the reasons. LJ sucks, it's ugly now, terrible service, blah blah blah, the usual story. I just figured since I don't have followers to lose yet (that aren't on DW, anyway), I might as well move now rather than wait for LJ to get worse. Sadly, the profile code I'd worked so hard perfecting is useless here, so it's back to basics with that.

I'm enjoying looking around the smaller community here on DW, and feel like I might actually have a chance to stand out. Fingers crossed, anyway.

I'll be crossposting my drabbles to LJ, but any actual stories or character profiles will remain here on DW only. I encourage everyone to join while it's free!


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