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And here is part one of double drabble posting day! Or night, I guess. Man, I forgot how annoying it is coming up with titles for these.

Lots of band drabbles this time, most likely because I spent a ridiculous amount of time making my own Traction Yen calendar on BUT IT DOES LOOK AMAZING, SO. WORTH IT.

Now let's see if I can get this cut to work...

1-3-13: TY
Characters: Tomoki Yonemura

There wasn’t any particular meaning behind the name. It just had all the elements he wanted:

1) His initials.
2) A nod to Japan.
3) More than one interpretation.

It was simple, too, something easy to remember and abbreviate. More importantly, it embodied his willingness to go to whatever lengths it took to succeed, to get up however many times he took a spill. It didn’t hurt that it would inspire some very cool album covers.

Traction Yen. It really was perfect; now it was up to them to live up to the name, Tomoki and his band of misfits.

1-4-13: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Characters: Carter Valentine, Trevelyn Jones

Carter loved to work. But he also loved to sleep, and it was just too damned early, and too damn cozy under the covers.

He was awake, and the clock on the nightstand told him he had an hour to get to work—if he did go into work…

Trev rolled over with a sigh, snuggling into Carter’s chest. Well, now he wasn’t going anywhere.

He groped for his phone, and made a mumbling phone call to his boss. When he hung up, Trev was smiling sleepily up at him; he would have to leave the heater off more often.

1-5-13: Candids
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

Eddie couldn’t take it when Hana tried to get him in front of the mirror. He understood his intentions, but he just couldn’t stand finally facing himself.

So Hana got creative.

He carried a camera around everywhere, and without warning, he snapped photos. Eddie always heard the click of the shutter, but Hana would just smile at his perplexed looks. He learned to ignore Hana and his camera.

One day, Hana presented him with a stack of prints. Eddie saw himself for the first time—not as he saw himself, but as everyone else did. And he didn’t hate it.

1-6-13: The On Switch
Characters: Shayden Hashimoto, Nozomu Ito

When Shay stepped out onstage, he stepped into another world. It was the band’s world, and he was connected to each of them through their sound. It was easy to get lost in it.

He loved looking at the crowd, fingers plucking madly at the bass, body moving with the beat. Back in the beginning, he would at times get so caught up in crowd-pleasing that he’d forget to keep playing.

Now, he played no matter what; but whenever Nocchi came to his side of the stage, there was a moment when his elation was all for his lover.

1-7-13: Wild Child
Characters: Tavish Kerr

Tav was used to looks. They’d bothered him for about a minute when he was a kid; that had led to his first mohawk.

For a time he kept his outlandish look evolving for the sake of challenging people’s perceptions, but now he did it for himself. He got antsy when he didn’t alter his look somehow after a few weeks, like it was making his soul stagnant.

It became a point of contention with his father when it didn’t turn out to be a phase, but they were square now. Love outweighed tattooed skin and dyed hair, after all.

1-8-13: Released
Characters: Tomoki Yonemura

It was kind of ironic that Hide’s song became such a fan favourite at lives. Yone did one interview about the song and video when they were released—he didn’t even provide a translation. He didn’t think he needed to.

It was the only song the audience never sang along to. He never introduced it, only took a quiet moment to breathe before it began. They would still, and listen, and cry, mourning the waste of life with him.

Each performance made it hurt a little less, until he began to play the song for the fans, not for himself.

1-9-13: Celibate Collegiate (Part 1)
Characters: Carter Valentine, James Landon

Professor Landon—James—had had that talk with him just before the winter break. What followed were the longest seven months of Carter’s life.

He’d never gone this long without so much as a fling in a broom closet since he’d first started having sex. It had been easier to go without when he’d thought James hated him, for some reason.

By the time the semester was officially over, Carter was ready for a little revenge and a lot of pleasure. Just when James was starting to reach for him, Carter caught his hand and smiled.

“Date first, sex later.”

Oh man, how mean of me it would have been to leave it there for a whole week.
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