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I feel like I finished this earlier than I did... maybe because it's not as late as it could be? >.>

Couple notes:
1. Technically if these two are together it's because they're both gangsters (as opposed to just one), but this is AU-central and I DO WHAT I WANT, and
2. I am not the one responsible for naming a certain mute character. >.> *cough*

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Ahh I almost forgot to do this today! And it turns out the reason I hadn't heard from the editors in so long was because my email ate their messages. -___- Yay another surprise deadline!

There's some preeeetty random stuff in here. Some far-reaching references, too. >.>

And now I'm off to work, BYE. )
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Laaaate posting again, why does shit always happen to me around drabble posting day? Blah.

GUESS WHAT, NEW CHARACTER OMG. I can't even call him a revamp, more like an entirely new person to replace an old one. He'll probably be in a few more drabbles next week, too.

Random stufffffff! )
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Been back from Hawaii for a few days now... bacation is sadly drawing to an end. :(

Happily, though, I've been able to keep up with my drabbles! Yay~. Also, it's another double posting day since I've got two weeks of posting to catch up with. >.>;

Some vacation-inspired stories... be prepared for lots of Chris. )
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Drabble daaaaay. Well, a day late. I have Thursdays off again, and I'm a procrastinator. >.> There's still just a week's worth in here, though, because THAT'S HOW THIS WORKS.

There's a surprise reveal in one of these drabbles, something I was keeping secret for my EVC books. But I was nostalgic, and it's not set in stone anyway, so I figured why not. I miss working on EVC... I need to import it to Scrivener. *makes mental note*

New (official) character too! )
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Almost forgot I still had to post these today... hah. >.> Got my fake Christmas tree up today though, so yay~.

Wow I thought last week had too much Eddie in it, but this week? DAMN!! HOWEVER, I am pleased to announce we finally have...

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Here I am, drabbling and watching TV instead of cleaning like I should be. >.> Oh well~.

Still semi-NaNoing! Only at 6k, but that's 6k I wouldn't have written otherwise. All in all this story is at a total of 68k... which might actually be the highest I've gotten a word count on a single story. I need to stop abandoning them.

I've still never written a pirate drabble. How disappointing. )
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Might be moving these to Wednesdays, if this is going to be my new work schedule. I only did it on Thursdays because that was my second day off for the week, but now I have to get up at asscrack o'clock to work in the morning. :| We'll see.

More multiparters and ample Yu this time, also something Saru might hate me for and mentions of sex oh em gee )
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I almost forgot about drabble day! Actually I did forget until Saru posted. XD Working on Thursdays is really throwing me off.

...I just realized some of these can be read like they're part of one big storyline. A big MESSY storyline if they really were. Well, they're just drabbles, they can be taken any way you like, really.

Lots of Alex for some reason )
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Happy Drabble Day~

I tried really hard to make up for last week's sadfest, but I just had to include a follow-up to the RyoChris stuff. And that will prolly have it's own follow-up next week too. >.>

We have a first appearance this week! Dun dun dunnn.

Still no pirates within... gotta work on that. )
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Well, well, well, if it isn't drabble post day. I'm thinking of making these public, because why not?

This week features some fresh appearances, a two-universe crossover, and a companion piece to an OF I forgot I was working on until a couple of weeks ago. >.> Exciting!

I will drabble your FACE )

Wow, I can't believe that was the first time I wrote about James or Yu... o_o
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Sooo... still intending to utilize this space for all my original fiction. In keeping things organized yet secure, I'm still working on some things for this journal and for myself. I'd like to eventually have complete working character profiles for all my OCs, and some potentially less complete ones for Saru's OCs. That's a fairly huge undertaking and I'm still working on just the format for that.

BUT writing character profiles is not actually writing, and since "writing is a muscle," I needed something that lets me work it every single day. I've started writing one drabble every day, since "working on my stories" is an ambiguous goal that doesn't hold me accountable for anything, and really makes me feel guilty when I don't manage to make any headway.

These are real drabbles, 100 words each, no more, no less. Well, I go by what Scrivener tells me is 100 words, so sometimes extra ones might sneak in on the tail end of a hyphen just found out Scrivener counts even hyphenated words as multiple, yay! Or not yay, considering some of these guys stutter... oh well. Each entry shall feature the date it was written, a title, and the character(s) therein. Enjoy, or don't.

First batch! )


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