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Drabble daaaaay. Well, a day late. I have Thursdays off again, and I'm a procrastinator. >.> There's still just a week's worth in here, though, because THAT'S HOW THIS WORKS.

There's a surprise reveal in one of these drabbles, something I was keeping secret for my EVC books. But I was nostalgic, and it's not set in stone anyway, so I figured why not. I miss working on EVC... I need to import it to Scrivener. *makes mental note*

1-17-13: Start From "Hello"
Characters: Justin Nanami, Christopher Larkin

J.J. was stuck. His father had told him to keep going in to see the pretty, polite barista, just to see what might happen, but progress had stagnated.

He took his coffee black, just like Dad; they never needed customer names for plain coffee. It would be weird to suddenly introduce himself by name. If only he had an excuse to wear a name tag like Christopher… Maybe he could snag one from some retail worker and feign employment.

Or, he thought, turning reluctantly from that beautiful smile, coffee in hand, I could have Dad make me a business card…

1-18-13: Past Meeting Present (Part 1)
Characters: James Landon, Makoto Nanami

James had him against the lockers. Hard metal was digging into his back, and James’ iron grip was tangled in the front of his gi.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Makoto demanded, attempting to break the hold.

“Why don’t you remember?” James yelled in his face, forcing him back against the lockers.

Makoto couldn’t hold in his grunt of pain, and if he weren’t so pissed he might have seen the flash of regret in James’ eyes. “Remember what?” he hissed.

“Remember me,” James pleaded softly, leaning in to kiss him. He was desperate; this was his last chance.

1-19-13: Past Meeting Present (Part 2)
Characters: Makoto Nanami, James Landon

Makoto remembered the first time he’d seen James, years ago, during their first tournament. How James had hated him from day one, and had trounced him viciously in every match since.

But with the touch of unfamiliar lips, new memories flooded him. He saw the sandy haired youth from his dreams, but he wasn’t just dying anymore. He was younger, smaller, softer; they were side by side, sparring and laughing; then he was naked beneath his hands, crying his name sweetly. But not his name…


The name came to him like instinct; he heard James sob softly in relief.

1-20-13: Looking Elsewhere
Characters: Shayden Hashimoto

Shay had never thought it would be easy to find love; he hadn’t thought it’d be this hard, either.

He didn’t look for it in his casual hookups or fuckbuddies, but there came a point when he wondered if that was all he was good for. His longest relationship hadn’t lasted till its first anniversary; there had to be something wrong with him.

He was beyond the point of channeling his feelings into composing tonight. He wanted to hold someone special, not a guitar, but he was alone in his apartment.

Tomorrow, he decided, he’d go look for a pet.

1-21-13: Flu Season
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Justin Nanami

Chris awoke to hospital smell. He tried to sit up abruptly, but his body was having none of it. He fell back to the white pillows with a tiny groan.

Suddenly Justin’s face was in front of him. He did not look pleased.

“Christopher,” he said, sharp brows drawn, “what the hell were you thinking?”

He remembered now; he’d been sick since last night, but couldn’t call off their date. He’d felt dizzy just as their food had come…

“I… d-didn’t want you to think I was s-standing you up,” he said, mouth wobbling.

Justin couldn’t be mad.

1-22-13: Age Five
Characters: Tavish Kerr

The church service was short. Tav didn’t understand what the robed man was talking about. The pews were uncomfortable, and everyone was crying quietly.

His dad held his hand. Tav thought he might cry too, but he just looked very sad.

They left the church together, walking slowly behind the scary box. It looked like it was floating.

He understood vaguely that his mum was in there, just as he had faintly grasped that she’d been sick for a long while. He didn’t understand why they were hiding her in the ground, though; that was when he began to cry.

1-23-13: The Valentines Dance
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Tsuki

Eddie had been trying to hide from all the trouble; instead, he’d walked right into it.

He shouldn’t have been surprised to see Tsuki not taking part in the Valentine’s Day festivities, since they shared a disdain for such things, but he’d have definitely preferred to take his chances with the giddy schoolgirls outside this empty classroom.

“What a coincidence.” She smiled, evilly. For some reason the head of the martial arts club had taken a shine to him—perhaps because they were the same scant height.

Eddie didn’t seek affection; but Tsuki managed to secure his first kiss anyway.

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From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
1. Awwww, JJ~~. You are so cute. XD
2&3. D: Poor James. Poor Makoto! T^T *gives them a happily ever afterrrr*
4. Awwww... poor Shay... *gives him a Nocchi* Be happyyyy!
5. Silly Chris... Don't make Justin worry like that! Stupid boy.
6. T^T Taaaaav. *squishes him* At least Nocchi's mum died in childbirth, he didn't have to go through that...
7. XDD Tsuki... so evil. Poor Eddie.


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