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Well, that break turned out to be way longer than the two weeks I was expecting. And sorry to say, I only picked it back up again mid-week, so this is a short volume. :( But it feels good to be writing again! Hopefully I can keep it up over bacation.

3-3-13: Completed
Characters: Shayden Hashimoto, Nozomu Ito

Shay could never quite put into words how it felt to have Nocchi inside him. Even the first time had been special, had left him feeling different. Back then, it had been his first clue that just maybe he was worth loving.

Now, it was something he needed to survive. Sometimes he thought that might not be the best thing, but he was in too deep to care.

The orgasms were nice—wonderful—but it wasn’t even about them anymore. He just needed Nocchi as close as possible. He needed to feel what they were—two halves of one whole.

3-4-13: Self Representation
Characters: Tavish Kerr, James Landon

“Stop laughing at me,” James pouted. His hand went slack in soft dyed hair.

Tav couldn’t help another giggle. “Sorry, it’s just… at odds with your image, I guess.”

Of course he didn’t mind James’ apparent fetish for his hair; he liked having it pulled. He’d just never expected it from the straight-laced lawyer he’d been calling his lover.

James’ hand curled back into it, tugging slowly to make Tav look up. “You of all people should know not to judge books by their covers.”

Tav smiled, lip piercing making it crooked. “Fun way of reminding me of that.”

3-5-13: Lured
Characters: Hinata Hanazaki, Eddie Valentine

Hana remembered his face. Back in school it had looked more tense than it did now—though the petite young man had half of it covered with his sleeve right now. The rest of it was scowling.

Undeterred, Hana smiled and waved through the bakery window. The man’s eyes went wide and he quickly scurried from view.

An hour later, Hana was headed home for the night when he saw a dark shadow sitting against the building. Surprise turned into bewilderment, and he stepped closer.

“…What are you still doing here?” he asked curiously.

“I don’t know,” the man grumped.

3-6-13: No Secrets
Characters: Christopher Larkin, Justin Nanami

Trust was the most important thing to Chris; it was why he’d had to tell J.J. just why he needed to take the physical things slowly, and why he was glad J.J. had come clean about how his family made their living.

It had been a shock, of course. But in the end, Chris knew he’d rather go in knowing his boyfriend was the son of a prominent gang leader than have to find out later, the hard way. He understood that they didn’t hurt people, and that was enough.

He trusted J.J.; and now he knew J.J. trusted him.

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comma_chameleon: (Jin is usually invalid.)
From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
1. Awwww, Shay... you're so adorable. *squishes*
2. Haha, poor James, getting teeeeased. Also, were you stalking my brainwaves this week?
3. Aww, poor Eddie. So cute. *pinches his cheeks* Lured in by Hana~.
4. So much awwww this week. *hugs Chris and J.J.* You two are so cute together.


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