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Well, well, well, if it isn't drabble post day. I'm thinking of making these public, because why not?

This week features some fresh appearances, a two-universe crossover, and a companion piece to an OF I forgot I was working on until a couple of weeks ago. >.> Exciting!

8-3-12: Baby Brother
Characters: James Landon

It had felt strange to suddenly be an older brother at age four. For a while he resented Brandon; Brandon smelled, and was messy, and sometimes loud.

Something changed when Joshua was six. His brother looked up at him, and something in his eyes made Joshua want to protect him. And he did—but it wasn’t enough.

He always blamed himself for Brandon’s disappearance. He should have been there with him, should have protected him.

Now he was James, the lawyer who brought down people that hurt families like his.

He would never stop.

He knew Brandon was still alive.

8-4-12: Challenge
Characters: Carter Valentine, Shizuka Inoue

Carter didn’t come to clubs often, but dealing with grant committees always made him need to blow off steam.

Two drinks and as many dance partners later, Tall, Dark, and Handsome caught his hips. The pouty mouth and promising eyes had Carter turning to face him.

“What’s your name?” he asked, lips to his ear.

“Zuka,” he replied. “You’re pretty.”

Carter felt a smile creep across his face as they pressed closer. He wasn’t sure he’d remember the name in the morning, but he had a feeling he’d have fun getting the man to make a lasting impression on him.

8-5-12: Plushie Love
Characters: Yukio Katsukawa, Makoto Nanami

He first changed hands at the hospital gift shop. “Thank you for stopping by, sir.”

The second time was soon after that, from strong and silent hands to weak and bandaged arms. No words had been spoken, but hot tears had landed on him and clung to soft, plush fabric. He stayed in those arms for a long time.

Now he had a new home. It was smaller, softer, and smelled of everything new.

Sheep, Melia, can you say sheep?”

There was a giggle and a gurgle, and curious fingers.


Yu smiled over at Makoto. “Close enough, I guess.”

8-6-12: Cold Remembrance
Characters: Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki

Eddie hated the winter. He had every right to, and those that loved him knew it.

Christmas didn’t exist in the Valentine households. Eddie knew it was unfair to rob his niece or boyfriend of traditional winter fun, but he just couldn’t do it, even for them.

On the 23rd, he was afraid. On the 24th he couldn’t get out of bed.

Hana knew; he knew everything. And he had come this far loving Eddie—he wouldn’t allow him to suffer alone any longer.

If the winter cold frightened Eddie, Hana would hide with him and keep it at bay.

8-7-12: Give
Characters: Brandon Kimura, Carter Valentine

“I will never hurt you,” Carter murmured, cupping him through his snug pants and making him gasp. The hand felt alien down there, but the touch was soft and pleasant, to his surprise.

“Brandon,” Carter’s voice came softly into his ear, tickling and sending a shiver up his spine. “Let me take care of you…”

They had come a long way since that first job—Carter had seen to that. Aki could no longer ignore or deny the fact that he wanted Carter around. He wanted to trust himself to those hands.

“…Okay,” he whispered, and he shut his eyes.

8-8-12: God and Country
Characters: Tomoki Yonemura

Song inspiration could come from anywhere; Yone never questioned his sources, since they helped make it easier to slip songs about himself into his albums. Tonight he was composing a ballad.

The book was face down on his table as he worked frantically over the keyboard and music sheets. Notes were coming to him almost too quickly—strong, gentle, melancholy. Words were entwining themselves into the bars.

He had never composed for an historical figure before, but King Makoto’s story needed to be told. A gay monarch and his dutiful queen, and the knight with whom he fell in love.

8-9-12: Bent and Broken
Characters: Ford Wentham, Makoto Nanami, Brandon Kimura

He tried explaining himself to Makoto, who had every reason to be angry. He of all people knew he couldn’t just bring someone back home—not when “home” was a gang headquarters and Ford was SIC.

He had apologized and summarized quickly, but the demand for his reasons kept him silent. The haunting vision of the beautiful, chained youth was still fresh in his mind.

He looked his boss in the eye, needing him to understand. “Makoto… if you’d have seen his eyes… I’d rather spend my life trying to fill them with something than let them die that empty.”

Wow, I can't believe that was the first time I wrote about James or Yu... o_o

Date: 2012-08-10 05:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*cries all over the plaaaaace* Y U SO MEAN?!

1. Baby Brandooooon... and poor James... T^T
2. Oh ho ho... don't worry Carter, Zuka will rise to the challenge... :3
3. o(>.<)o AWWWWWW... Sheepie~~. XD So cute!
4. DDDD: Poor Eddie... Hana will keep you safe from Christmas!!
5. Poor Aki... don't worry, Aki... Carter will love you~~. (And grope you!)
6. T__T King Makotoooo and Fooooord. Awww, it'd be sad if their story ever DID make the history books...
7. DD: Poor Aki... poor Ford too, Makoto's not gonna be happy...

Y so much sadness this week?!

Date: 2012-08-11 06:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

1. Inooo but he will find hiiiim. Eventually.
2. I have to sat, I surprisingly enjoy this pairing. Zuka needs more love.
3. :DDD Sheepie got a drabble!
4. I still wonder if he'll ever be able to really celebrate it... live with it, maybe.
5. Hey, I see no evidence of that concrit here! Well I fixed it for you anyway! :|
6. Well, if Ford did keep a diary... that would actually be interesting. No wonder Yone would read it.
7. He'll come around. Ford's just given himself a lot of work to do. >.>

PMS? That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Also there's not that much!! Sheesh.


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