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*blows dust off; coughs*

Where the hell have I been? Well, burnt out, overburdened at work, and getting through a very tough winter and spring. I'm not sure if things are truly looking up for 2015 yet, but let's hope so.

With all the changes, my project goals have gone through some revamping too. But I recently learned that telling your goals to others makes you less likely to achieve them, so I won't say any more about that.

Let me tell you about my wall calendar instead.

Every year I make my own on It started after the Harry Potter movies ended and I didn't have anything fresh to put on my wall each year. Each year has a theme, and recent years the themes have centered around the cast of characters created by me and [personal profile] comma_chameleon, or rather the real life people who inspire the looks of the characters (since it is about pictures, after all). This year's calendar is AU pairings, and I also happened to send one off to her as well.

I was looking at my calendar this month and couldn't get a scene between the characters out of my head. I decided to write it. Then I decided to try writing a scene for each month's pairing. Then [personal profile] comma_chameleon decided we should challenge each other to a headcanon scene duel for the pairings.


I dunno if we're winning anything because how can we win at this, but it should be fun at least.

Rules are:
-1 scene only
-Must be 200-850 words



Featuring: Eddie Valentine, Ford Wentham
Word Count: 265


“Eddie. Look at me.”

He did.

He lifted his head and looked right into ice blue eyes. He couldn't avoid them any longer.

But they were warm, as were Ford's hands around his face, as had his chest been when Eddie had hidden against it. It wasn't unexpected. What had he been so afraid of?

He thought he saw the faintest upward curve of the corner of Ford's mouth, but then it moved closer and Eddie couldn't help but let his eyelids fall shut once more. The soft pressure was all it took to for the last crumbling wall of his defenses to give way. His fingers curled slightly into the front of Ford's pressed shirt.

The touch was gone as soon as it had come. Ford rested his forehead against Eddie's.

“Was that so terrible?”

“Nn-nn.” Eddie couldn't commit to words, but he shook his head enough for Ford to feel it. He swore he could hear Ford smiling now.

The contact disappeared, but then a gentle nudge under his chin forced Eddie's eyes back open. He'd been right—Ford was smiling. And he remembered what he'd been afraid of.

“Then can I do it again?”

That smile. Those eyes. The strength of the arms that had saved him when he'd lost everything. And that confidence that hid the shadows of a battered and broken heart—just like his own.

The tiniest speck of light in the endless, unknowable dark. The idea that maybe—just maybe—he could feel human again. That maybe, at last, he deserved to.

Eddie nodded. How could he not?

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