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August is even later than July was! By like a day, but still.

Well, August is my birthday month, so traditionally I put my favourite things/people (or break my theme rules) on my calendar page for August. So this is actually not an AU pairing, but full canon, and as such the rule for the scene duels changed a little bit. Same couple, but it can't take place in their canon universe (hence why they're both on guitars in the pic but will not be in the stories >.>).

Also, this is kind of tragic but apparently I've never written about these two before here. Which is really astounding, because they're definitely up there for some of my favourite characters.

Also also, I finally did a happier one! Well, less sad, at least. I think. Anyway.



Featuring: Katsu Chou, Aiya Nakahara
Word Count: 460


Katsu's booted feet crunched softly in the snow, following the set of footsteps leading away from the stairway entrance. He stopped several feet behind his accidental house guest and sighed.

“What are you doing?”

Aiya finished stirring whatever he had bubbling away over his happily crackling campfire before he peered over his shoulder. He blinked his sleepy eyes up at Katsu, as though he was actually surprised to see him there—as though there could have been anyone else standing behind him on this remote mountain.

“Making lunch,” he said simply.

Katsu shut his eyes and prayed for patience. “I see that. I meant, what are you doing cooking out here?”

“I got hungry.”

A spot of silence fell as Katsu resisted the urge to slap a hand to his forehead—talking to Aiya was painful enough. He slowly counted to ten in his head while Aiya poked at the fire.

“Why are you out here, precisely?” he clarified through gritted teeth.

Aiya did another slow turn and blink. His gaze slid past Katsu to the towering palace of ice behind him. “Well... I didn't want to melt your house...”

Was it really possible for a person to be this dense? “You know I do have a kitchen.”

Another blink. “You do?”

“Of course I do! Why wouldn't I? What do you think I do, eat snow and icicles all day?”

Aiya glanced at their frozen surroundings once again before looking back up at Katsu with a shrug. “Well... yeah, kinda.”

Katsu expected his irritation to erupt into a flurry or two, but for some reason the fact that Aiya at least had the decency to look sheepish was enough to quell it—for now.

With easy control he summoned up a great swirl of snow underneath Aiya's fire, simultaneously smothering the flames and lifting the hot pot in a rumbling cradle of ice. Steam rose as the slowly rolling wave of snow cooled the hot iron, and it moved beside him like a loyal pet as he began to walk back to his lonely home.

“You need to be inside a while yet anyway,” he said without looking back. “You still haven't recovered from the storm.”

It took a moment, but he finally heard Aiya's shuffling steps following him over the noise of the shifting snow bank. Somehow Katsu found it pleasing, even if he knew the reason the villagers in the distant town below his mountain had sent Aiya to what should have been his doom.

Though it didn't seem that Aiya was even much of a hunter, let alone one who could—or would—kill a snow demon. Maybe if his food tasted as good as it smelled, Katsu would keep him around. He'd always hated cooking.

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