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If nothing else this will get me to post here semi-regularly. At least until 2016. >.>

Lot of RL stuff going on, otherwise this would have happened sooner, but it's still well before the end of June (if you go by hours) so it's okay! [personal profile] comma_chameleon and I reached a sort of agreement (bit grudging on my part) to do the backlog in chronological order, hence we now have the January entry.

It wasn't intentional but apparently my theme for the month was "giving in". And starting with dialogue.



Featuring: Carter Valentine, Jacob Knight
Word Count: 417


“Wanna get out of here?”

Silence and the dull thump of the bass on the other side of the wall met his question, but Carter couldn't take it back. Nor did he wish to. Jake stared at him for a few beats and then looked elsewhere.

Nothing went unnoticed by Carter's intense green gaze. It caught every trace of yearning beneath Jake's hesitation.

For weeks now a quick tryst in the club's bathroom had been enough. A heavy and heated tangle of tongues and fingers was all Carter needed to get through another week—no questions, no feelings, no promises. No disappointment. It was clear from the start that Jake felt the same.

You can't bring them home. That was the ironclad, unspoken rule that trapped them in the narrow walls of the corner stall, and neither of them ever asked for more. It had been enough.

Until now.

The first few times could have been happy coincidences. And even after the gradual shift into obvious planning around the same time every week, the arrangement worked, and the satisfaction remained.

Even now, staring Jake right in the face, Carter couldn't pinpoint when it had stopped being enough. When he had started wanting more. All he had were facts, and a hypothesis that might power them into truth: That he wanted more of Jake, and Jake wanted more of him, whether he would admit to it or not.

And there was a way to sidestep that ironclad, unspoken rule without actually breaking it.

Jake didn't look up, but he didn't run away, either. Carter smiled a little, then pulled something out of his pocket and pressed it into Jake's hand.

He saw the look of bewilderment on Jake's face pass swiftly into understanding. He smiled a little wider when Jake lifted his gaze again at last and tightened his grip on the hotel key card.

“Just for an hour or two?” Carter added, leaning in to press his lips to that sensitive spot just under Jake's ear that always smelled so good.

He felt Jake shiver, and then his arms—so strong and yet so careful now—draped around Carter's back, hesitant fingertips toying with the back of his shirt.


It didn't matter if they were both sitting on secrets that kept them prisoners to disposable comfort. Maybe this would make their arrangement easier, maybe it would make it worse. But tonight, at least for a few short and wonderful hours, their lives would be their own.


Date: 2015-06-29 09:37 pm (UTC)
comma_chameleon: (Hot Shige is Hot)
From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
Aww... and yet also *____* thinking about them fucking in a club bathroom for some reason.

*enjoys January's picture* Mm...


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