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I feel like I finished this earlier than I did... maybe because it's not as late as it could be? >.>

Couple notes:
1. Technically if these two are together it's because they're both gangsters (as opposed to just one), but this is AU-central and I DO WHAT I WANT, and
2. I am not the one responsible for naming a certain mute character. >.> *cough*



Featuring: Cillian Catherwood, Makoto Nanami
Word Count: 351


I remember you.

The words circle inside his head. They stream from crystalline eyes of pale blue. They part split and quavering lips, where they die on a silent breath. Just as all of them do.

The man is stunning, and frightening. His black eyes are sharp as whips, and they never miss. Cillian had only seen them once before, but they had pierced through the distance and the barred window separating them that muggy afternoon not two months ago. He had never forgotten them, nor the way they had held him captive more than the man who had paid for his enslavement ever could.

I remember you.

He thinks the words harder, trying to get them to show on his face. His arms lie at his sides, broken one last time by the man who would never hurt him again, as useless now as his long-since paralyzed vocal chords. He can't sign or write; he can't say another word until they heal. But he wants the man to know—needs him to know.

The man approaches him on the floor. Cillian begins to tremble. He needs the man to know...

It's not from fear.

The man is a tall, muscular, handsome giant. He slows his movements, but Cillian feels the raw strength hidden behind the gentleness of the arms that take him up and carry him away from the burning, crumbling walls that had kept him prisoner for so long. Glimpses of chaos frame the man's broad shoulders, but Cillian feels no fear even as he quakes and huddles closer into the protective embrace, ignoring the pain in his body. He stares into those eyes, searching.

When they finally look down to meet Cillian's, he knows it's not fear they find. They soften and warm at the edges, and the man's arms tighten around him just enough.

He knows, now. He knows.

Not fear—gratitude.

Exhaustion and relief take Cillian swiftly, and even the burst of fresh, clear night air as they escape the flaming building can't keep his eyes open. It's cold, but his shivers cease.

You remembered me...


Date: 2015-09-15 04:28 am (UTC)
comma_chameleon: (Why?!)
From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon

Waaaaaah, Cilliaaaan. Take him home, Makotoooooo. ;____;

And yeah this is why I have learned to name characters before looking for visual inspirations now. >.>

Date: 2015-09-15 04:33 am (UTC)
comma_chameleon: (Jin is usually invalid.)
From: [personal profile] comma_chameleon
Because I waited too long and now I am attached to them. It's my own fault, really.


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