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2015-09-28 02:16 am

Headcanon Scene Duel Part 8 [April]

Wow exactly two weeks later. :o


I do not travel well. >.> But I sure pack a lot of stuff. *hurries*

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2015-09-14 08:57 pm

Headcanon Scene Duel Part 7 [September]

I feel like I finished this earlier than I did... maybe because it's not as late as it could be? >.>

Couple notes:
1. Technically if these two are together it's because they're both gangsters (as opposed to just one), but this is AU-central and I DO WHAT I WANT, and
2. I am not the one responsible for naming a certain mute character. >.> *cough*

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2015-08-30 10:46 pm

Headcanon Scene Duel Part 6 [March]

(I finally made her post first, WAH HA HAAAA. Even though I still had to upload the damn pic for her first. SHEESH.)

It's basically the last day of August, but let me tell you, it was struggle enough to get this thing thought up, let alone written down. I don't know why I always forget that I can force ideas out if I just start typing away, but it's a nice thing to be reminded of.

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2015-08-20 12:53 am

Headcanon Scene Duel Part 5 [August]


August is even later than July was! By like a day, but still.

Well, August is my birthday month, so traditionally I put my favourite things/people (or break my theme rules) on my calendar page for August. So this is actually not an AU pairing, but full canon, and as such the rule for the scene duels changed a little bit. Same couple, but it can't take place in their canon universe (hence why they're both on guitars in the pic but will not be in the stories >.>).

Also, this is kind of tragic but apparently I've never written about these two before here. Which is really astounding, because they're definitely up there for some of my favourite characters.

Also also, I finally did a happier one! Well, less sad, at least. I think. Anyway.

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2015-07-30 05:23 pm

Headcanon Scene Duel Part 4 [February]

Down to the wire with this one! I was TRYING to get [personal profile] comma_chameleon to post first for once, even though she apparently needs to poach all my calendar pics EVEN THOUGH I did give them all to her before, but she's even more delayed than I am so never mind.

Also, I really need to start writing happier scenes.

**TW for attempted date rape.**

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2015-06-28 11:29 pm

Headcanon Scene Duel Part 2 [January]

If nothing else this will get me to post here semi-regularly. At least until 2016. >.>

Lot of RL stuff going on, otherwise this would have happened sooner, but it's still well before the end of June (if you go by hours) so it's okay! [personal profile] comma_chameleon and I reached a sort of agreement (bit grudging on my part) to do the backlog in chronological order, hence we now have the January entry.

It wasn't intentional but apparently my theme for the month was "giving in". And starting with dialogue.

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2015-06-11 10:34 pm

Headcanon Scene Duel Part 1 [June]

*blows dust off; coughs*

Where the hell have I been? Well, burnt out, overburdened at work, and getting through a very tough winter and spring. I'm not sure if things are truly looking up for 2015 yet, but let's hope so.

With all the changes, my project goals have gone through some revamping too. But I recently learned that telling your goals to others makes you less likely to achieve them, so I won't say any more about that.

Let me tell you about my wall calendar instead.

Every year I make my own on It started after the Harry Potter movies ended and I didn't have anything fresh to put on my wall each year. Each year has a theme, and recent years the themes have centered around the cast of characters created by me and [personal profile] comma_chameleon, or rather the real life people who inspire the looks of the characters (since it is about pictures, after all). This year's calendar is AU pairings, and I also happened to send one off to her as well.

I was looking at my calendar this month and couldn't get a scene between the characters out of my head. I decided to write it. Then I decided to try writing a scene for each month's pairing. Then [personal profile] comma_chameleon decided we should challenge each other to a headcanon scene duel for the pairings.


I dunno if we're winning anything because how can we win at this, but it should be fun at least.

Rules are:
-1 scene only
-Must be 200-850 words

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